The internet has influenced every aspect of modern life. It has made life better in many ways one of which is in providing new streams of income. Freelance writing jobs are now among the most popular money making ventures on the internet. Experts in all fields can now share their knowledge without restrictions and make money while at it. If you well versed in sciences and emerging technologies, it is possible to carve your niche by writing high-quality technical content or providing Australian assignment help.

How to Stand Out As a Freelance Technical Writer
Freelance technical writers are in high demand as businesses in different industries try to target new markets. As a technical writer, your job is to create content in a language that everyone can understand. Whether you are writing about the latest car model in the market or the latest invention in biotechnology, your clients expect you to break down complex material into easily readable content.

As you establish yourself in the industry, identify a niche where you can write comfortably. Make sure you pick the type of content which interests you to make your work easier. Also, you should consistently deliver high-quality content to build a strong client base. The referrals from your satisfied clients will help grow your writing career. With time, you can create a blog and post helpful industry content. It will establish you as the go-to writer for technical content.

Where to Find Technical Writing Gigs
Competition is high in technical writing like in any other industry. To find a constant flow of orders, you have to target the right places as you build a name in the industry. Some of the best places to find freelance writing jobs as a technical writer include:

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn remains one of the most prominent social media platforms for professionals. It is a powerful platform for anyone interested in building a strong network, and you can easily grow your freelance writing career here. Once you create a comprehensive profile, it is easy for clients to connect with you. It is also possible to seek writing gigs on the platform.
  2. Freelancer jobs platforms: If you have just started your writing career as a freelancer, freelancer platforms remain the best option to find gigs and grow your network. On these platforms, writers and clients meet and do business. It is a marketplace where you can find all types of technical writing jobs.
  3. Craiglist: For legit technical writing gigs, Craiglist is a good place to start. Clients post ads looking for specific types of writers and your job is to review such clients to find the best jobs. Look for highly rated clients to avoid scams and if possible ask around about the client before working with them.
  4. Government bids: It is one of the most overlooked sources of technical freelance writing jobs. Local, state, and the federal government agencies always have jobs for highly experienced writers. You just need to prove your expertise and bid for the job that suits your qualifications.
  5. Problogger: If you already have a blog, Problogger is a good pale to look for serious writing gigs. In addition to providing writing tips, this platform also has well-paying writing jobs for corporations or businesses.
  6. Academic writing platforms: When looking for a freelance writing job online, it is advisable to expand your search beyond the usual sources. One of the best areas to utilize your technical writing skills is in the area of academic writing. Many college and post-graduate students are looking for a highly experienced technical writer to help them in their research proposals, assignments, term papers and other projects.

There are other emerging avenues where you can get a technical freelance writing job including Facebook and online tech magazines among others.

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