If you are a graduate and you want to make a career as a freelancer or a journalist; the following tips will be of help in making you have your foot strong in the sector. With the global downturn in the world economy; this is an ideal time for graduates of any discipline to look inwards and become creative if they wish to make the extra bucks that will make them break even.

Those that have a strong flair for the writing; freelancing can be the magic that they needed to get extra bucks. There are several paths to getting started as a freelancer; if at the end of the day it puts money into your pocket; then it is worth taking the risks involved.  

To start with, many people turn to Freelancer, Elance, or oDesk where they can bid for work on their platform and get paid. This is a good idea for those that desire paid work and want to build a profile. You must work only with employers who are verified to avoid working for employers who will disappear into thin air after you have put in hours of serious labor.

If you want to apply to work with magazines and newspapers; your pitch should be kept short, highly attractive, and interesting. Rejection at the first trial should not put you off; keep on knocking at the door until it is opened. However, you must be very careful in your choice of words to sound as polite as possible.

Whatever the route you chose to get into the freelancing business; you have to be mannered and polite in your approach. Persistence is the character that will eventually see you through. Once you can get your foot into this highly paying notch; more work will roll and things will fall in line. You have to build bridges and be open to the opportunities that will come your way.

The Benefits

The pros of becoming a freelancer as a graduate are huge. You are working for yourself and at the same time determining the workload that you can take. You get paid for carrying out your passion at a very flexible pace. The work demands on new graduates are strenuous; if that is not your take; then you have a haven in freelancing. This is a part-time job opportunity that has the possibility of paying you a steadier wage. If you are comfortable working late into the night or your take is working on weekends; then freelancing will give you the enabling scenario to fully express yourself. 

The Drawbacks

It cannot be described as a foolproof money-making venture and not a sure money maker. The market is saturated and because companies have graduates who are willing to work for free; they end up not spending a dime. When you write for nonprofit websites and magazines; you will easily get the exposure that will stand you out.


If you are not self-motivated, then freelancing is not for you. It will take your time no doubt before you break into the league, but the door will open with persistence on your path.

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