Freelancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular occupations in the world today. If you ask me, due to the recent pandemic, many people became unemployed and many companies decided to shift their human resources and focus more on remote work.

Well, freelancing entails the ability to perform specialized tasks from literally anywhere in the world. Call them remote workers if you like.

Like any other industry, the freelancing world includes a whole set of varied “niches” and the most widely recognized specialty is freelance writing.

Given the minimal number of prior requirements or experience needed to get started in this field, almost everyone is using it as a part-time gig or side hustle.

So, I know that many of you who are already interested in trying this out are already wondering how much a typical freelance writer earns.

Well, this article is designed to not only provide you with a quick answer but also provide you with relevant examples as well as details from freelancing surveys.

First, let’s look at why this industry is quickly becoming popular.

The internet is widely informative. We all use it to gather all the necessary information that we need. It is filled with reports, informative blogs (I know you might be a fan of those eye-catching mum’s blogs), and oh let’s not forget the wide database for homework.

Apart from being informative, the internet is an important entertainment platform. It has numerous social media networks where most of us use to cool off as well as to pass time.

If you think about it, online content is equivalent to fuel for the internet, don’t you think?

Ranging from startups to fully-fledged companies, they all need the right content to highlight their businesses online. This is a great magnet for new leads as well as marketing.

That said, you could already relate the increasingly high demand for freelance writers. But before you leave your day job for this sector, let’s delve into how much money you could make if you decided to become a freelance writer today.

If you have done some research already, you might have realized that the vast majority of freelance writers out there get paid per word. Other forms of that some prefer include payment per article and hour.

Despite the latter being less uncommon, many use it to get lucrative deals as well as high paying gigs.

Figuring out your most preferred method of payment should be your starting point. Take your time and think critically about this because it could help make or break your freelancing business. If you are just starting, we advise that you begin with rates per article.

One important note that most beginners usually ignore, is the decision to either find their clients or use content mills. This should be a personal decision but I know that many would argue that finding direct clients is the best way to go.

To wrap this up, the 2020 freelancing survey report suggests that newbies can start earning at least $20 per 500-word article. Not a bad start, right?

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