Stereotypes exist in every field and sphere of life, including freelance writing. But, nothing qualifies a stereotype more than your unwillingness to disapprove of it. Most individuals discover their passion for writing after they retire or get retrenched from their daily jobs. You may wonder if an advanced age will impede your write-up bidding success. So does age impact your chances of getting a freelance writing job?

Ways of Countering the Stereotype of Age in Getting Freelance Writing Jobs 


Personal experiences from different freelance writers suggest that ageism is just a myth. You mainly get opportunities for freelance writing based on your capability to deliver. However, if you still have doubts about your age in getting into a successful freelance writing career, consider the following guidelines to change the perception and be successful.

  • Change your mentality. Everything starts in mind, and you become what you think. You need to transform your perspective on age and freelance writing. Most of the experiences people go through reflect on their perspective about the future. Don’t assume that age will impact your ability in freelance writing.


Freelancing entails a short term commitment to delivering on a pressing writing need. Your client won’t consider all the factors that come with formal full-time employment. They value proficiency in a subject matter. Clients, for instance, look for an individual who knows robotics and who they can rely upon to deliver within the set timelines. All they care about is how well written the paper is from an expert writer.

  • Take advantage of your demographic. You need to understand who can appreciate your work the most, especially when it comes to age. Entities exist that focus on serving the elderly, which forms the largest demographic segment in the United States. Some companies appreciate a writer’s worth in driving their revenue, have severe marketing budgets, and love writers who form part of their customer base. Such entities include health insurers, consultants and providers, magazines for the elderly, chains of retirement homes, etc.


You can comfortably write for any target group, but targeting an old demographic market is a simple and perfect strategy.

  • Go bigger. The obvious place to start at for most freelancers is the well-known avenues such as Craigslist ads and UpWork. But, this isn’t for an elderly writer who wants to earn pro rates for their writing services. The meager rates offered in bootstrap startups can demoralize and make you believe the ageist stereotype. Acquire a writers’ market and look for magazines that pay well, especially those that cater to your niche. You can also write for major nonprofits and finally clinch government writing contracts.

  • Market younger. Display your relevance through effective marketing of your writing profile. Use a modified selfie with a stylish background such as a beach and use modern captions. Research the modern writing styles and update your LinkedIn and writer’s profile. No one knows your real age over the internet, so take advantage and earn better.

  • Lose the stereotype excuse of ageism. Excuses such as “I’m so old” are akin to other lame excuses such as blaming the economy and many more for not starting your revenue-generating entity. Don’t blame a lost freelance writing opportunity on an old age basis as there might be other reasons for it. Also, avoid self-sympathy, especially on the age front.



Ageism is a stereotype that can stop you from realizing your dreams. Freelance writing has a place for everyone regardless of age. You only need to debunk the myth and get started. You will get astonished at how much success you can achieve at your age as a freelance writer. 

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