Your Guide In Freelance Writing Mon, 15 May 2023 16:45:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Freelancing Guide for All Beginners and Wannabes Mon, 16 Nov 2020 13:13:03 +0000 Without a doubt, the world is changing fast. This means that either you are swept away by the waves of change or you change simultaneously with it. Long gone are the days when we all used to go to school to get an education so that we could get jobs.

The economy today is very unforgiving but also very rewarding for those who work hard. No wonder everyone is becoming an entrepreneur. I know that the thought of opening up your own business might have crossed your mind at least once.

This is almost becoming inborn and imprinted in the human DNA. Talking of businesses, freelancing businesses is quickly catching on like wildfire. One survey shows that many people have turned this way since it is the only industry that does not ask for much to get you started.

Now that everyone aspires to become his or her bosses, freelancing will not only give you this freedom but will also grant you the chance to choose your working hours. Like any other business, the beginning phase is usually hectic but with a little perseverance, you will get the hang of it.

For those who did not know, freelancing is the type of work where one is given a task and the chance to work on it from anywhere they please so long as they meet their deadlines. I mean who would not want to have such liberty.

Unlike any other job opportunity out there that demands long work experience and high levels of academic accomplishments, freelancing is quite the opposite. It requires no such prerequisites unless you are specializing in your services.

Here are some of the general requirements to help you get started in this new career:

  • A computer – this is very essential since it creates a basic medium for working and networking. For your beginning phase, it is okay to start with a laptop computer but we recommend that you upgrade to a desktop computer as soon as possible due to the large screen as well as the convenience it brings.
  • MS Office – I know many of you are already familiar with this computer package. There are very many variations but for your freelancing endeavors, you will probably need MS Word and Excel the most.
  • Good English – of course, this is the main medium of communication. Therefore, you need to have a very good grasp of it for you to succeed. However, this will depend on the type of job description because some usually involve plenty of translations to other languages too.
  • Some specialized knowledge – well, this isn’t particularly mandatory because you don’t have to have any specialized skills to begin per se. However, having specialized knowledge such as a certification in SEO or just basic SEO knowledge can be a great plus in securing high paying freelancing gigs from the start.


In conclusion, it isn’t difficult to get started in a freelancing career. All you need to have is confidence in yourself as well as the skills that you already have. You will keep on perfecting as well as learn more along the way.

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Freelance Writing and Rate Selection Mon, 16 Nov 2020 12:59:33 +0000 Freelancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular occupations in the world today. If you ask me, due to the recent pandemic, many people became unemployed and many companies decided to shift their human resources and focus more on remote work.

Well, freelancing entails the ability to perform specialized tasks from literally anywhere in the world. Call them remote workers if you like.

Like any other industry, the freelancing world includes a whole set of varied “niches” and the most widely recognized specialty is freelance writing.

Given the minimal number of prior requirements or experience needed to get started in this field, almost everyone is using it as a part-time gig or side hustle.

So, I know that many of you who are already interested in trying this out are already wondering how much a typical freelance writer earns.

Well, this article is designed to not only provide you with a quick answer but also provide you with relevant examples as well as details from freelancing surveys.

First, let’s look at why this industry is quickly becoming popular.

The internet is widely informative. We all use it to gather all the necessary information that we need. It is filled with reports, informative blogs (I know you might be a fan of those eye-catching mum’s blogs), and oh let’s not forget the wide database for homework.

Apart from being informative, the internet is an important entertainment platform. It has numerous social media networks where most of us use to cool off as well as to pass time.

If you think about it, online content is equivalent to fuel for the internet, don’t you think?

Ranging from startups to fully-fledged companies, they all need the right content to highlight their businesses online. This is a great magnet for new leads as well as marketing.

That said, you could already relate the increasingly high demand for freelance writers. But before you leave your day job for this sector, let’s delve into how much money you could make if you decided to become a freelance writer today.

If you have done some research already, you might have realized that the vast majority of freelance writers out there get paid per word. Other forms of that some prefer include payment per article and hour.

Despite the latter being less uncommon, many use it to get lucrative deals as well as high paying gigs.

Figuring out your most preferred method of payment should be your starting point. Take your time and think critically about this because it could help make or break your freelancing business. If you are just starting, we advise that you begin with rates per article.

One important note that most beginners usually ignore, is the decision to either find their clients or use content mills. This should be a personal decision but I know that many would argue that finding direct clients is the best way to go.

To wrap this up, the 2020 freelancing survey report suggests that newbies can start earning at least $20 per 500-word article. Not a bad start, right?

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Easy Way To Become a Freelance Writer Mon, 16 Nov 2020 12:55:52 +0000 Online freelancing work has become very enjoyable and paying. It’s one area you can work as per your schedule and willingness. Most people are joining the industry daily. Joining is simple, but how do I sustain the business to grow? This is the part that doesn’t have a uniform procedure. Many of the top-rated freelancers have used different approaches to get to where they are. I would say all you need is hard work, passion, and determination. Besides these three, the following steps will be beneficial to get started.

Get trained

Any job category needs one to know it. Get education or training for you to give quality work from the start. You may not need a degree in it but having a degree is an added advantage. If you can’t afford a degree, then get in touch with the top-rated freelancers to get you in the field at an agreeable fee. They are cheap compared to getting training in communication or journalism. You may also opt for the free online courses that are being offered. Most of them are cheap, thus manageable by many. All you need is time and dedication for them. Check your schedule and decide which best training fits you well and go for it.

Start as an employee

It may not be an easy process, but if you get a chance to work with editors, you will get the on-job training. Getting employed by a firm then working with staff will allow you to learn. You will know new trends and tricks to use in online work. You will develop skills like Search Engine Optimization and how to get clients. It will be a great move to establish your own business.

Publish your work

Write your articles and publish them online. They will showcase your skills, and clients who need the services of skills that you have will come to you. Most clients don’t care about your level, whether you are an expert of a beginner. They get concerned with the quality of work you will give. Having a sample on your online portfolio will make them understand what you are capable of doing. Ensure that the article you publish is a killer one.

You may also start blogging about any blog topic. You will get the experience and also market you to various clients. Clients are always online looking for employees. Starting a blog will lead you to own a website. Here you will earn.

Networking and social skills

These two skills are important for starting online writing. You may have the capacity of providing good articles but getting clients becomes another hustle. Whether an introvert or not, you have to network. You find most clients through connections and networks that you have. Use all the media platforms that you have to create connections and get clients.

Be flexible

Keep in mind that it’s not an easy thing to do. You will work even at odd hours of the day. After all, you work from the comfort of your home. Expect payments to delay at times and source out the best method to get paid after you have submitted your job. As a starter, don’t only concentrate on high paying gigs. Go for the small gigs that have low competition. High paying gigs attract experts who have been in the field for a long time. Targeting them may not always guarantee you winning them.

Like any other field, becoming an online writer is a process that needs your whole input and patience. You will succeed.

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How To Become A Freelancer Wed, 16 Sep 2020 09:49:54 +0000 If you are a graduate and you want to make a career as a freelancer or a journalist; the following tips will be of help in making you have your foot strong in the sector. With the global downturn in the world economy; this is an ideal time for graduates of any discipline to look inwards and become creative if they wish to make the extra bucks that will make them break even.

Those that have a strong flair for the writing; freelancing can be the magic that they needed to get extra bucks. There are several paths to getting started as a freelancer; if at the end of the day it puts money into your pocket; then it is worth taking the risks involved.  

To start with, many people turn to Freelancer, Elance, or oDesk where they can bid for work on their platform and get paid. This is a good idea for those that desire paid work and want to build a profile. You must work only with employers who are verified to avoid working for employers who will disappear into thin air after you have put in hours of serious labor.

If you want to apply to work with magazines and newspapers; your pitch should be kept short, highly attractive, and interesting. Rejection at the first trial should not put you off; keep on knocking at the door until it is opened. However, you must be very careful in your choice of words to sound as polite as possible.

Whatever the route you chose to get into the freelancing business; you have to be mannered and polite in your approach. Persistence is the character that will eventually see you through. Once you can get your foot into this highly paying notch; more work will roll and things will fall in line. You have to build bridges and be open to the opportunities that will come your way.

The Benefits

The pros of becoming a freelancer as a graduate are huge. You are working for yourself and at the same time determining the workload that you can take. You get paid for carrying out your passion at a very flexible pace. The work demands on new graduates are strenuous; if that is not your take; then you have a haven in freelancing. This is a part-time job opportunity that has the possibility of paying you a steadier wage. If you are comfortable working late into the night or your take is working on weekends; then freelancing will give you the enabling scenario to fully express yourself. 

The Drawbacks

It cannot be described as a foolproof money-making venture and not a sure money maker. The market is saturated and because companies have graduates who are willing to work for free; they end up not spending a dime. When you write for nonprofit websites and magazines; you will easily get the exposure that will stand you out.


If you are not self-motivated, then freelancing is not for you. It will take your time no doubt before you break into the league, but the door will open with persistence on your path.

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How to Beat Ageism in Getting Freelance Writing Jobs Wed, 16 Sep 2020 08:38:52 +0000 Stereotypes exist in every field and sphere of life, including freelance writing. But, nothing qualifies a stereotype more than your unwillingness to disapprove of it. Most individuals discover their passion for writing after they retire or get retrenched from their daily jobs. You may wonder if an advanced age will impede your write-up bidding success. So does age impact your chances of getting a freelance writing job?

Ways of Countering the Stereotype of Age in Getting Freelance Writing Jobs 


Personal experiences from different freelance writers suggest that ageism is just a myth. You mainly get opportunities for freelance writing based on your capability to deliver. However, if you still have doubts about your age in getting into a successful freelance writing career, consider the following guidelines to change the perception and be successful.

  • Change your mentality. Everything starts in mind, and you become what you think. You need to transform your perspective on age and freelance writing. Most of the experiences people go through reflect on their perspective about the future. Don’t assume that age will impact your ability in freelance writing.


Freelancing entails a short term commitment to delivering on a pressing writing need. Your client won’t consider all the factors that come with formal full-time employment. They value proficiency in a subject matter. Clients, for instance, look for an individual who knows robotics and who they can rely upon to deliver within the set timelines. All they care about is how well written the paper is from an expert writer.

  • Take advantage of your demographic. You need to understand who can appreciate your work the most, especially when it comes to age. Entities exist that focus on serving the elderly, which forms the largest demographic segment in the United States. Some companies appreciate a writer’s worth in driving their revenue, have severe marketing budgets, and love writers who form part of their customer base. Such entities include health insurers, consultants and providers, magazines for the elderly, chains of retirement homes, etc.


You can comfortably write for any target group, but targeting an old demographic market is a simple and perfect strategy.

  • Go bigger. The obvious place to start at for most freelancers is the well-known avenues such as Craigslist ads and UpWork. But, this isn’t for an elderly writer who wants to earn pro rates for their writing services. The meager rates offered in bootstrap startups can demoralize and make you believe the ageist stereotype. Acquire a writers’ market and look for magazines that pay well, especially those that cater to your niche. You can also write for major nonprofits and finally clinch government writing contracts.

  • Market younger. Display your relevance through effective marketing of your writing profile. Use a modified selfie with a stylish background such as a beach and use modern captions. Research the modern writing styles and update your LinkedIn and writer’s profile. No one knows your real age over the internet, so take advantage and earn better.

  • Lose the stereotype excuse of ageism. Excuses such as “I’m so old” are akin to other lame excuses such as blaming the economy and many more for not starting your revenue-generating entity. Don’t blame a lost freelance writing opportunity on an old age basis as there might be other reasons for it. Also, avoid self-sympathy, especially on the age front.



Ageism is a stereotype that can stop you from realizing your dreams. Freelance writing has a place for everyone regardless of age. You only need to debunk the myth and get started. You will get astonished at how much success you can achieve at your age as a freelance writer. 

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How To Source For Freelance Writing Jobs Tue, 15 Sep 2020 20:24:28 +0000 Freelance writing jobs can be another stream of income, but sourcing for these jobs can be a daunting task even to established writers. It is even more difficult if you are new in the field. Most of the cases, prospective employers would require experience, which is a hurdle for those new to the area. But once you have a few gigs here and there, freelance writing can be rewarding. Landing these jobs involves putting in energy and sheer luck. Finding these jobs requires one to be creative. Here are a few guidelines on how to navigate the world of freelance writing:

Talk to people

Talking to everyone means, you broaden your search base beyond the official job sites and bulletin boards. It is essential to put yourself out there and talk openly to people about your passion for writing. You can talk to family, friends, and colleagues. These people can refer you to their friends or colleagues or even sub-contract you in what they are doing. Some of them could be working in publishing firms and thus can influence you to get writing or review jobs. Knowing someone who does freelance writing jobs is even better because they can mentor you by providing career tips in the field.

Build your platform

Having your platform is useful to showcase your prowess. The simplest and cheapest way to create a platform is through various social media applications like Facebook, LinkIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The platform will be a point of reference for your abilities. Establishing a blogging website is the best option as you can create regular content while practicing your writing skills. With quality content, you will have a huge following and can be a source of referrals for your writing skills. Your platform can be your portfolio to showcase to the clients of your abilities.

Consider the pros and cons of working for free.

Many writing professionals have argued that writing for free isn’t a good idea, but starters may not choose to pitch a tent in the field. Writing for free can be a way of building experience, but you’ve got to be discerning and strategic. Some would write for exposure, but if a company can not pay its content creators or writers, something then it is an indicator that they don’t value quality. It can be rewarding to write a guest post in popular blogs or websites, as you can get your name out there and land freelance writing jobs in the future. Regardless of whether you write for free or write for pay, your work should be of utmost quality as much as possible.

Source online freelance writing

There are many online freelance platforms today that offer a myriad of jobs, including writing posts. Some are free, others require job seekers to subscribe. Before engaging in any freelance online platform, read the terms and conditions, especially those related to payments after doing the work. The following is a list of those platforms:,,,,,

Get to know the art of the pitch.

Even if you get someone to connect you to a magazine, a website, or an editor, you need to know and master the trade tools for the job. Learning the needy gritty details of writing is crucial to any writer. Pitching involves the following key steps:

  • Composing an idea or headline
  • Take in all the needed information like research areas and prospective interviews.
  • Identify the editor
  • Introduce yourself and send work

Landing the first writing job may look complicated, but it will only be possible if you overcome the challenge of experience. Once you deliver your first quality gig, it will all be smiles because jobs will follow you.

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Free Advice On Where To Find Jobs For Freelance Technical Writers Thu, 29 Mar 2018 07:33:30 +0000 The internet has influenced every aspect of modern life. It has made life better in many ways one of which is in providing new streams of income. Freelance writing jobs are now among the most popular money making ventures on the internet. Experts in all fields can now share their knowledge without restrictions and make money while at it. If you well versed in sciences and emerging technologies, it is possible to carve your niche by writing high-quality technical content or providing Australian assignment help.

How to Stand Out As a Freelance Technical Writer
Freelance technical writers are in high demand as businesses in different industries try to target new markets. As a technical writer, your job is to create content in a language that everyone can understand. Whether you are writing about the latest car model in the market or the latest invention in biotechnology, your clients expect you to break down complex material into easily readable content.

As you establish yourself in the industry, identify a niche where you can write comfortably. Make sure you pick the type of content which interests you to make your work easier. Also, you should consistently deliver high-quality content to build a strong client base. The referrals from your satisfied clients will help grow your writing career. With time, you can create a blog and post helpful industry content. It will establish you as the go-to writer for technical content.

Where to Find Technical Writing Gigs
Competition is high in technical writing like in any other industry. To find a constant flow of orders, you have to target the right places as you build a name in the industry. Some of the best places to find freelance writing jobs as a technical writer include:

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn remains one of the most prominent social media platforms for professionals. It is a powerful platform for anyone interested in building a strong network, and you can easily grow your freelance writing career here. Once you create a comprehensive profile, it is easy for clients to connect with you. It is also possible to seek writing gigs on the platform.
  2. Freelancer jobs platforms: If you have just started your writing career as a freelancer, freelancer platforms remain the best option to find gigs and grow your network. On these platforms, writers and clients meet and do business. It is a marketplace where you can find all types of technical writing jobs.
  3. Craiglist: For legit technical writing gigs, Craiglist is a good place to start. Clients post ads looking for specific types of writers and your job is to review such clients to find the best jobs. Look for highly rated clients to avoid scams and if possible ask around about the client before working with them.
  4. Government bids: It is one of the most overlooked sources of technical freelance writing jobs. Local, state, and the federal government agencies always have jobs for highly experienced writers. You just need to prove your expertise and bid for the job that suits your qualifications.
  5. Problogger: If you already have a blog, Problogger is a good pale to look for serious writing gigs. In addition to providing writing tips, this platform also has well-paying writing jobs for corporations or businesses.
  6. Academic writing platforms: When looking for a freelance writing job online, it is advisable to expand your search beyond the usual sources. One of the best areas to utilize your technical writing skills is in the area of academic writing. Many college and post-graduate students are looking for a highly experienced technical writer to help them in their research proposals, assignments, term papers and other projects.

There are other emerging avenues where you can get a technical freelance writing job including Facebook and online tech magazines among others.

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Start Writing Now! Tue, 20 Mar 2018 08:52:54 +0000 If you have a knack for writing, it is time to start making money from your hobby. The internet has increased access to information and more people now rely on online sources for everything they need. This impact has, in turn, made online writing one of the most lucrative money-making ventures today.

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